Casa Grande National Monument

20 May 2014.
IMG 1075
Casa Grande National Monument prehistoric ruins.
IMG 1073
Cactus beautified the parking lot.
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Casa Grande National Monument, from about 1300 A.D.
IMG 1080
The roof was placed over the monument to protect it in the 1930s.
DSC 0350
Before the structure was protected, visitors scratched their names, initials, dates and other information into the clay walls of the monument.
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DSC 0368
The heart with a face seems, to Grandpa at least, to be more recent damage.
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DSC 0363
From the other side.
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DSC 0370
Grandpa Roy leaned his cane against a section of wall so that the thickness of the wall could be understood. The walls were over 3 feet thick.
DSC 0364
Methods of preserving the walls and preventing them from falling can be seen inside the monument.
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DSC 0345
Remainder of a wall from another structure in front of the monument.
IMG 1083
Remainders of walls of different structures from the era.
DSC 0349
Some ruins have rather high wall sections remaining.
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IMG 1099
DSC 0358
Grandma Bert and Casa Grande National Monument.
IMG 1081
Grandpa Roy at Casa Grande.
IMG 1100