Crystal Forest
Once most of the chunks of petrified forest in the Crystal Forest were filled with beautiful natural crystals from the petrification process, but earlier visitors to the park stole most of theml before strict rules and oversight were instituted.
IMG 1654
This part of the park is called the Crystal Forest.
DSC 0849
IMG 1655
The view across the road from the Crystal Forest.
IMG 1661
Grandpa Roy looking for some crystals.
DSC 0862
DSC 0863
DSC 0857
Grandma Bert poses by a very large "log" in the Crystal Forest.
IMG 1666
You can see vacant areas, especially in the log on the right, where the crystals have been removed.
DSC 0854
Ants looking for nectar in a desert flower.
IMG 1662
More wildflowers in the park.
IMG 1664
Grasses also grow in the Crystal Forest.
DSC 0861
IMG 1668
There are many different types of plants that bloom in the desert.
DSC 0869
This raven obviously was used to visitors to the Crystal Forest.