Visitor Center
In addition to the many specimens outside the visitor center, there were a few very interesting exhibits inside.
IMG 1602
The visitor center had replica fossils of some of the animals that roamed the area when the trees were still alive. This one actually was more of a reptile than a mammal called the Placerias Hesternus (Broad Body of Yesterday).
IMG 1604
This creature was a Rauisuchid. They were not really dinosaurs, but more closely related to crocodiles.
DSC 0830
IMG 1608
Desmatosuchus Spurensis, the "Banded Crocodile from Spur, Texas.
IMG 1609
Dimorphodon, "Two-Form Tooth," a flying dinosaur. The first one was discovered in the Petrified Forest only recently, in 2011.
IMG 1613
An early view just outside the visitor center.
IMG 1614
It almost is as if it had been cut with a saw, but this piece of "log" is completely stone and millions of years old.
IMG 1619
It looks as if a great wind had toppled an old tree.
IMG 1621
DSC 0835
Grandma Bert poses near a fossilized "log" in the Petrified Forest.
IMG 1624
The "root" end of that "tree."
IMG 1634
IMG 1635
IMG 1636
IMG 1642
The visitor center can be seen in the upper left of Grandma Bert's photo.
IMG 1644
Many fossilized logs were quite large.
DSC 0842
Grandma Bert went for a walk and took the next several photos.