DSC 0203
Isla San Esteban Chuckwalla are native to one island in the Gulf of California. The museum is trying to
DSC 0205
Common Chuckwallas.
DSC 0207
Sonoran Desert toad, also known as the
DSC 0209
Probably a Western Spadefoot Toad.
DSC 0210
Tiger Salamander.
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DSC 0309
Garden eels. They were very interesting. When a fish swam past, they would retract into their burrows.
DSC 0313
Moray Eel.
DSC 0318
Horn shark.
DSC 0317
DSC 0323
Bonytail Chub.
DSC 0325
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DSC 0223
A woman admires a sleeping puma in its habitat.
DSC 0221
The puma has a large, natural habitat at the museum, but in the heat of the day, it prefers its cool cave.
DSC 0269
Slumbering grey fox.
DSC 0271
DSC 0273
DSC 0255
Javelina. They resemble wild pigs, but they are
DSC 0262
Javelina in their enclosure.
IMG 1039
Try as they might, Grandma and Grandpa never saw any coyotes.