Meteor Crater
Another unplanned stop

25 May 2014
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IMG 1585
Vehicles heading to Meteor Crater shared the highway with the cattle who roamed freely.
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Meteor Crater is the largest and best preserved crater in the world that was created by a meteor strike millions of years ago.
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This equipment at the bottom of the crater is left from about 100 years ago when one entrepeneur thought he could recover the valable metals the meteor had brought with it when it struck.
DSC 0820
This man was your grandparents' guide to the rim of the crater.
IMG 1595
Grandma and Grandpa pose near the crater's rim. It was close enough to the edge for your grandfather.
DSC 0829
A guide lectures a group of tourists about the crater.
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The museum and visitor center at Meteor Crater.
DSC 0823
All that has been retrieved from the crater.
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The Apollo astronauts trained at Meteor Crater. This test capsule was used to test floatation devices that kept it upright after landing in the ocean.
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The Wall of Fame is in Astronaut Park at the Meteor Crater visitor center.
DSC 0825
View of the Wall of Fame from the left end.
DSC 0827
View from the right end.