Montezuma Castle National Monument

21 May 2014
DSC 0582
DSC 0584
The "castle" is located inside that cut-out in the center of the photo.
DSC 0586
Although named for Montezuma, there is no evidence Montezuma ever came this far north.
IMG 1172
Montezuma Castle.
IMG 1173
Grandma Bert's photo gives an idea how high the structure was above the canyon floor.
IMG 1177
Additional construction in conjunction with caves can be seen here.
IMG 1176
Another cave that would have provided shelter or safety from enemies.
IMG 1178
Observe the proximity of the smaller areas in the middle bottom of the photo to the "castle."
DSC 0592
IMG 1181
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DSC 0597
A large water supply was very close to these cliff dwellings.