Hot Springs, Arkansas

11 May 2014
DSC 0501
The national park consists of the land and bathhouses extending down one side of the main street in Hot Springs.
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Hot Springs visitor center. There also is a visitor center for the national park.
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Grandma and Grandpa took a Duck Tour while in Hot Springs.
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DSC 0496
One of the ducks.
DSC 0447
The duck driver and guide. In real life he was a high school English teacher.
DSC 0443
Heading for the lake aboard the duck.
DSC 0446
Resort hotel on the lake.
DSC 0451
Mansion across the lake.
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The Hamilton House mansion. It is a bed and breakfast and venue for weddings and other social events.
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The Ozark bathhouse is now a cultural center for the Hot Springs National Park.
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Buckstaff Bathhouse offers baths yet today. All the bathhouses on this side of the street are part of the Hot Springs National Park system.
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DSC 0474
The Quapaw bath
DSC 0475
The park visitor's center at Fordyce Bathhouse.
DSC 0479
While most of the hot springs have been closed, there is one open down this path.
DSC 0481
The water in the spring was very hot.
DSC 0485
Maurice Bathhouse. It originally opened for business in 1912.
DSC 0487
Another view of Maurice Bathhouse.
DSC 0488
Halle Bathhouse.
DSC 0491
Grandma Bert poses at the main entrance to the Halle Bathhouse.
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The last bathhouse in the what is known as Bathhouse Row is Superior Bathhouse. It was the longest continuously operating bathhouse, not closing until 1983.
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After one passes the bathhouses they reach the lawns of the park, considered necessary for exercise after using the baths.
DSC 0502
Solid rock dug out on the opposite side of the street for a parkiong lot.
DSC 0499
The Arlington Hotel. It is known for the famous baseball players who have stayed there and is included on the so-called "Historic Baseball Trail."
DSC 0503
This statue is in the middle of the intersection across from the hotel.
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DSC 0505
Seen from the tower atop the mountain at Hot Springs National Park is an amusement park.
IMG 0384
The old Army-Navy hospital, now a rehabilitation center, is seen in the center of Grandma's photo.
DSC 0441
Race track.