Miscellaneous Photos
A few photos from North Little Rock, Arkansas.

1 June 2014
IMG 2084
Military Road Monument, North Little Rock, Arkansas. An additional statue of a saluting soldier is being financed through donations and built.
IMG 2083
Close-up of plaque of North Little Rock Military Road Monument. The monument was built to remember all the men and women who travelled Military Road (once called Military Drive) to Camp Robinson for training from before World War I.
IMG 2080
Camp Robinson, memorialized by the Military Road Monument. Your grandparents visited this military training center so that Grandpa Roy could photograph the airplanes on display there.
DSC 0633
Also on display at the training center was this bell from the USS Arkansas.
DSC 0635
The aircraft photographed at the Camp Robinson Center can be found at this link. (Opens in new window).