Views from the Ship
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Cruise ships await passengers in Fort Lauderdale on 25 April 2015.
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Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas
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Liberty of the Seas heads out to sea.
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The Coast Guard and Sheriff agressively patrol whenever a cruise ship departs.
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The pilot boat approaches to pluck the pilot from Royal Princess now that she is out of the channel area.
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Either a passenger or crew member became ill and had to be airlifted by helicopter to a hosptal in England by this Royal Navy helicopter. While the helicopter was in the area, no one was allowed outside on any deck, including on the balconies. Grandma Bert got this photo during one of the helicopter's passes.
Watching the sea go by.
Watching the sea go by on a rainy, gloomy day. Sea swells were about 7 to 8 feet high.
Watching the sea go by.