Royal Princess
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The Royal Princess
DSC 0828
Passageway to your grandparent's cabin, up on the left.
DSC 0830
Your grandparents were in cabin R216, classed as a "mini-suite."
DSC 0829
Grandma Bert entering the cabin with her key card. They key card also was used to pay for any extras purchased during the cruise.
DSC 0560 (2)
Your grandparents' cabin looking from the bed area to the sitting area.
DSC 0565 (2)
The cabin's sitting area. Outside the glass doors was the small balcony. Balconies were larger on Carnival Lines.
DSC 0561 (2)
View of the cabin from the sitting area. There is a TV for viewing from the bed.
DSC 0566 (2)
The closet was just big enough. On their last cruise, the mini-suite had a walk-in closet (on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas).
DSC 0562 (2)
TV in the sitting area. There was a wide selection of new movies available to watch during the crossing.
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DSC 0639 (2)
Grandma Bert poses on the small balcony.
DSC 0610 (2)
Lifeboats were a couple decks beneath your grandparents' cabin.
Formal Night
Formal night aboard the Royal Princess somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
Formal Night
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Line dancing. It went on every day throughout the whole cruise. Grandpa would rather watch paint dry.
DSC 0634 (2)
When there wasn't line dancing, there was live music.
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Art display, sold at auctions.
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DSC 0635 (2)
The casino, where folks hoped to get lucky gambling away their money.
DSC 0822
Slot machines in the casino.
DSC 0628 (2)
The Princess Live Bar, one of several bars throughout the ship.
DSC 0629 (2)
Princess Live was used to broadcast programs around the ship, including game shows.
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DSC 0841
The ever-crowded Princess Theater.
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DSC 0647
The Sea Walk. It was a short structure that extended out over the side of the ship where one could walk and look down at the water through the windows visible in this photo.
DSC 0641
The gap between the Sea Walk (on the right) and the Lido deck of the ship.
DSC 0642 (2)
Grandma Bert stands on the Sea Walk.
DSC 0644 (2)
Grandma Bert poses on the Sea Walk.
DSC 0570
Port side of the bridge seen from your grandparents' cabin.
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DSC 0581 (2)
Pool deck.
DSC 0573 (2)
Swimming pool.
DSC 0580
Miniature golf course.
DSC 0579 (2)
Miniature golf course.
DSC 0577 (2)
Jogging and walking track. It did not go around the whole deck, only part of it.
DSC 0576
The basketball court.
DSC 0796
When the Royal Princess left a port, it played the opening bars with its horn from the theme of the television show "The Love Boat."