Blarney Castle
Kissing the stone is supposed to give one the gift of eloquence.
DSC 0977
On the road to Blarney Castle. Note that Limerick is the town famous for certain humorous verses.
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DSC 0989
Grandpa wondered if perhaps he and Grandma were missing something...
DSC 0990
Blarney Woollen Mills were right outside the castle grounds.
IMG 2816
At the entrance to the castle grounds.
IMG 2817
IMG 2819
Grandma and Grandpa's friends, Bill and Isabel, heading toward the castle.
IMG 2821
Most people wanted to kiss the Blarney Stone at the castle.
IMG 2824
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IMG 2825
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IMG 2822
Grandma Bert's photo of Blarney Castle in Ireland.
IMG 2828
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DSC 1005
Ground level openings into the castle.
DSC 1006
In you go.
DSC 1007
Possibly down to the dungeons of the castle.
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DSC 0003
Across the trail from the castle.
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IMG 2830
Grandma Bert decided to try to reach the stone to kiss it.
IMG 2841
Grandma Bert had to climb these steps to reach the stone.
IMG 2831
Along the way she saw this sign.
IMG 2832
Watiing in the line to climb to the stone.
IMG 2833
Along the way to the stone.
IMG 2834
IMG 2838
Grandma Bert's photo of the Great Hall.
IMG 2835
Grandma Bert still had a long way to go.
IMG 2836
IMG 2837
DSC 0006
The stone was at the top of the castle, above the window. People had to bend over backwards while others held them so they could kiss the stone.
IMG 2839
Sadly, Grandma Bert's claustrophobia got the better of her and she returned to the bottom of the castle.
IMG 2843
She took several pictures while returning to the bottom.
IMG 2844
Grandma Bert did get some nice photos while she was half way up the tower, though.
IMG 2851
Grandma Bert had wanted to reach the top of the tower, but the narrow confiines of the steps and the large number of people did not permit it.
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DSC 0022
Badger's Cave.
IMG 2848
Castle wall and garden.
IMG 2847
DSC 0012
The poison garden. Grandpa had never heard of such a thing, but since this trip, he has read about several of them.
IMG 2845
IMG 2849
The Poison Garden.
DSC 0013
The Poison Garden.
DSC 0014
More of the Poison Garden.
DSC 0015
Did you know rhubarb is poisonous? The leaves are. The stalks can be used in pie and other things, though.
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