Youghal was the first true Irish town visited.
DSC 0919
Your grandparents' first stop on their "getting acquainted with Ireland" excursion.
IMG 2729
This gentleman greeted visitors and answered questions at the visitors' center.
DSC 0904
Grandma Bert poses near the visitors' center in Youghal.
IMG 2737
They used to hang condemned killers in the Clock Gate Tower.
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Part of the movie, "Moby Dick," was filmed in Youghal.
IMG 2733
IMG 2751
DSC 0915
The Moby Dick tavern.
DSC 0913
Coakley's Bar, a colorfully painted pub.
DSC 0900
Fishing boat.
IMG 2749
The tide, obviously, is out for now.
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DSC 0902
All signs were both in Gaelic and English.
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IMG 2741
Bakery window.
IMG 2740
The top line is the name of the street in Irish (Gaelic).
IMG 2743
Interesting colors in this street scene.
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IMG 2753
IMG 2754
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