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    Highlights for the Week of 26 September 2010

  • Never Reached IOC, but Being "Modernized" - the An-70

  • Date Posted 01 October 2010

    Indonesia to Buy 180 Su Fighters in Next 20 Years

    Indonesia's defense ministry intends to obtain 180 Russian Su brand fighters in the next 20 years, Lenta.RU reports referring to Jane's Defence Weekly.

    ((Not further translated as item repeats information from an English article in Jane's Defence Weekly.))

    Source:  30.09.10, Avia.RU

    Ukraine and Iran Sign Contract for Purchase and Manufacture of An-158 Airplanes

    Ukraine and Iran have signed a contract for the Purchase and manufacture of An-158 airplanes,  the management chairman of the Antonov State Enterprise, Dmitriy Kiva, said at a press conference at the AviaSvit-21 exhibition.

    Now the An-158, according to Kiva, is continuing a certification test program. Iran intends to buy 20 liners in all. Both countries also agreed to establish joint manufacture of another 60 airplanes in Iran.

    Moreover, the Antonov State Enterprise management chairman also  reported that Iran intends to activate a project for  the assembly of An-140 airplanes at the HESA ((Latin letters) aviation enterprise in Isfahan. Ten such aircraft already have been introduced into service in Iran.

    Source:  01.10.10, Aviation Explorer

    Date Posted 30 September 2010

    Assembly of First Modernized An-70 Airplane Should Be Completed in 2011

    Assembly of the first modernized An-70 airplane should be completed in 2011, RBK reports.

    As the Antonov state concern's press service notes, at the present time work is underway on the modernization of the An-70's avionics and aircraft systems. They will allow the airplane to remain competitive in the marketplace. At the present time the first two renovated airplanes of this model are being built in Kiev. Assembly of the lead aircraft will be completed in 2011 and the second in 2012. Ukraine's defense ministry will buy this equipment.

    It also is being reported that Ukraine and Russia have agreed to specify the order volume for An-70 production. The sides are supposed to determine a plan for cooperation and financing of preparations for series production of the aircraft and the assembly plants.

    ((Your friendly translator normally translates the word for "modernized" as "upgraded;" however, in light of the lengthy delays of putting this aircraft into service, he has chosen "modernized" for what he hopes are obvious reasons.))

    Source: 30.09.10, Avia.RU

    United States Buying 21 More Mi-17 Helicopters for Afghanistan

    The United States will purchase 21 Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan, BFM.RU reports. As the Defense Technology Inc. ((in English)) press service reports, the deal was approved by the Russian minister of defense.

    According to the DTI program manager Byron Kreck, the Russian leadership has sent a letter to the company confirming America's plans.

    "This letter is evidence that DTI intentions correspond to Russia's laws. The export license will be ready very soon," he declared, noting that previous contracts for the Mi-17 have been prepared over a period of 12 months

    The Pentagon has obtained and upgraded 31 Mi-17 helicopters for its own needs in the last several years. 648 million dollars have been spent on it.

    Source: 30.09.10, Avia.RU

    No Russian Aviation News Translations Monday

    Because of a prior engagement, the Russian Aviation News Translations will not appear Monday, 4 October.  Anything missed will be caught up with the translations published on Tuesday, 5 October.

    As usual, the automated Russian aviation history feature will continue to run.

    Date Posted 28 September 2010

    Sukhoy Performs Factory Flight Tests of First Series-Built Su-30M2 Fighter for Russian Air Force

    The Sukhoy company has concluded pre-delivery (factory) flight tests of the first of four twin-place series-built multirole Su-30M2 fighters intended for the Russian air force. They took place at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Aviation Yu. A. Gagarin Production Association (KnAAPO) flight test station.  The airplane is being prepared for acceptance testing at the present time.

    The state contract for the delivery to the Russian Federation defense ministry in 2010 - 2011 of four airplanes of this series was signed at the MAKS-2009 international aerospace salon. Four state contracts were entered into there for the delivery of 48 of the newest Su-35S multirole ultra-maneuverable fighters and 12 upgraded Su-27SM.

    The Su-30M2 is a strike airplane with a long fight range. It was created on the basis of the Su-30 fighter optimized for strikes against ground and surface targets with precision weapons.

    Source: 28.09.10, Aviation Explorer

    Indonesian Defense Ministry: We Shall Continue to Purchase Combat Airplanes in the Russian Federation

    Indonesia intends to continue to purchase combat airplanes in the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti reports Indonesia's defense minister, Purnomo Yustiantoro announced on Monday.

    He visited as an honored guest the official ceremony transferring to the Indonesian side the three last Su fighters delivered by Russia within the framework of a 2007 contract which took place Monday morning at the Indonesian air force Base Sultan Hasanuddin in the South Sulawesi province.

    "It seems to me this airplane is extremely good for us to defend Indonesia's sovereignty. And we will strengthen this squadron thanks to Su fighters which will arrive in the future," the minister said, who had personally made a flight on a Su on Monday.

    He also expressed the Indonesian side's gratitude to Russia for the assistance rendered within the framework of bi-lateral military and technical cooperation.

    Source: 27.09.10, Avia.RU 

    Not in "That" Direction

    The History of the Tupolevs is coming to an end


    This somewhat longish article discusses what may be the demise of the Tupolev design bureau, at least on the civil side.  It is based on the fact that the Tu-204, in particular the Tu-204SM appears to have no customers.  There is a short history of the OKB and its transports and the author points out a number of Russian airlines still do use older Tupolev aircraft.  The Tu-334 gives some hope Tupolev may survive.

    The combat aircraft (bomber) side of Tupolev is not addressed.

    The title of the article is a play on words that is difficult to explain in English.  Transliterated, the Russian title is "Ne v Tu storony."  Only the first word is capitalized in Russian titles.  The fact that the "Tu" is capitalized here indicates it is a name, in this case Tupolev.  That is why your friendly translator put "That" within quotation marks.  They did not appear in the original.

    Source: 28.09.10, Lenta.RU, Correspondent: Aleksandr Polivanov

    Date Posted 27 September 2010

    Syria to Lift Tu-204 into Air

    The country may order an airplane whose series production is on the verge of being shut down

    ((No one wants the Tu-204.  Atlant-Soyuz had intended to buy some, but as no other airline is, they are refusing to place their order.  The Syrians must sign a contract this week or the Tu-204 assembly line will be closed.  Not further translated.))

    Source: 27.09.10, Kommersant, Correspondent:  Aleksey Yekimovskiy

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