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    Highlights for the Week of 03 October 2010

  • India Spending Millions for Fifth Generation Fighter

  • Date Posted 07 October 2010

    India Wants to Purchase up to 300 Fifth Generation Fighters Jointly Produced by Russia and India

    India intends to purchase 45 multirole transport airplanes and 250 - 300 fifth generation fighters of joint Russo-India manufacture, RIA Novosti reports India's defense minister, Arakaparambil Kurian Anthony announced at a press conference upon the conclusion of the tenth meeting of the Russo-Indian intergovernmental commission on military and technical cooperation.

    For his part, the head of the Russian defense agency, Anatoliy Serdyukov, declared that "the next decade in Russia and India's military and technical cooperation is linked with these two joint projects - the creation of the multirole transport airplane and the fifth generation fighter."

    "While realizing these projects, we again shall show how our states can act mutually in questions of military and technical cooperation," Serdyukov said.

    The Russian and Indian defense ministers signed the minutes of the tenth meeting of the Russo-Indian intergovernmental commission on military and technical cooperation before the start of the press conference.

    Source: 07.10.10, Avia.RU

    Russian Federation and India May Sign Contract about Joint Creation of Fifth Generation Airplane

    Russia and India, possibly, will sign contracts for the delivery of Su-30 fighters and joint creation of a fifth generation airplane before year's end, RIA Novosti reports the head of Rostekhnologiya, Sergey Chemezov, said on Thursday.

    At the same time, the Rostekhnologiya head excluded the possibility of signing the documents during the present negotiations at the defense minister level that are going on presently in India. "Nothing will be signed now," he declared.
    Chemezov explained that it was a question of the purchase of finished Su-30 airplanes and about the signing of a contract for joint development of a fifth generation airplane. "Maybe we will sign something before year's end," he said.

    He also noted that a fifth generation airplane already has been practically created in Russia. "But we would have liked now to create for export," said Chemezov.

    At the same time he emphasized that it is planned to divide expenses between India and Russia. Chemezov also added that the version for export will be upgraded.

    I did not disclose any contract details, and also did not confirm information about the fact the contract may cost up to 30 billion dollars. "I cannot confirm," the Rostekhnologiya head said.

    Chemezov also did not name the quantity of Su-30 airplanes that may be delivered to India.

    Source: 07.10.10, AVIA.RU

    Date Posted 06 October 2010

    Yakovlev OKB Test Pilot Oleg Kononenko Awarded Title Hero of Russia

    By decree of the president of the Russian Federation Number 1104 of 8 September 2010, the title Hero of the Russian Federation has been awarded for courage and heroism exhibited during testing of aviation equipment to Oleg Olegovich Kononenko - a senior A.S. Yakovlev OKB Joint Stock Company (included in the Irkut Corporation) test pilot. Oleg Kononenko served in the service in various post in air force units after graduation in 1984 from the higher military aviation school for airmen.  In flight test work at the Yakovlev OKB since 1993.  During this time he has become familiar with and tested more than 20 types of airplanes. Test pilot first class. He has total flying time of nearly 7,000 hours, in tests move than 600. Oleg Kononenko more than once had exhibited heroism and high professional qualities in test and scientific research flights. Thanks to the airman's courage and self-control the reasons for the bugs on several airplane undergoing tests were revealed and eliminated.

    Lead test pilot for the Yak-130, state tests of which were completed in December 2009. Oleg Kononenko made a decisive contribution to their execution.

    Source: 06.10.10, Aviation Explorer

    Date Posted 05 October 2010

    India to Spend 25 Billion Dollars on Fifth Generation Fighters

    The project for creation of the Indian fifth generation fighter based on the Russian T-50 will be India's most expensive military program, The Times of India ((in English)) reports. Without considering expenses for the development program itself, the planned purchase of 250 fighters for India's air force will cost country's military budget approximately 25 billion dollars, or 100 million dollars each per airplane.

    According to the Indian air force chief marshal ((sic)), Pradip Vasant Naik, the air force intends to obtain from 200 to 250 airplanes beginning in 2017. Despite the fact the Russian T-50, which made first flight in January 2010, forms the foundation of the Indian FGFA ((Latin letters)) fighter, the new airplane will be created taking Indian air force requirements into account. The requirements list is being developed by the country's air force at the present time.

    According to Naik, the Indian airplane will be multi-role, received state-of-the-art avionics, low-detectability, precision weapons, a capability to control the aerial situation for 360 degrees and modern communications systems. Investments in the Russo-Indian fighter's development program at the present time are estimated at 8 - 10 billion dollars. Earlier Indian media had been reporting the share of the Hindustan Aeronautics ((in English) Indian company in the joint project with Russia will be not less than 25 percent.

    On 31 August 2010, the Sukhoy company held a demonstration flight of the Russian T-50 (PAK FA) for an Indian defense ministry delegation and representatives of the country's military industrial complex. The demonstration of the airplane's capabilities took place at the Ramenskoye airfield outside Moscow. The PAK FA prototype's flight continued 10 minutes. During this time the airplane flew at low speed and also made several maneuvers at high angles of attack.

    The T-50's technical characteristics are still secret. It is being reported officially that the PAK FA will be distinguished by high computerization of the aircraft and will be able to take off and land on runways 300 - 400 meters long. Moreover, the airplane will be ultra-maneuverable and able to carry out combat missions in any weather and time of day and night. It is assumed that the airplane will be able to develop a speed up to 2,600 kilometers per hour. The fighter will be equipped with a 30-milimeter cannon and also receive 10 suspension points in internal bomb bays.

    Source: 05.10.10, Lenta.RU

    Fifth Generation Fighter Will Reach Air Force Inventory on Time

    The Russian Federation defense ministry is promptly and fully financing work on the creation of the future tactical aviation aircraft complex (fifth generation fighter), Interfax reports the governor of the Khabarovsk Region, Vyacheslav Shport, announced on Friday.

    "I can say good things regarding the defense ministry. We've never had financing begin at the beginning of the year before. Usually it is in July - August. And the plant always had problems how to operate (without any money)," Shport said, answering a question about how work was going on construction of the fifth generation fighters at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association.

    According to Shport, the defense ministry is fulfilling its obligations completely. "Therefore, it is only a question of organization. The plant is ready, there are manpower, funds, equipment and technology, and the airplane will reach the air force on time," Shport said.

    He noted that at the stage of assembling experimental example, the airplane builders have entered into the work schedule and will not allow any delays.

    He noted that the next experimental examples of the airplane will be ready in the very near future for flight tests.

    Source: 04.10.10, Avia.RU

    Sukhoy Performing Ground and Flight Tests of Upgraded Su-33 Fighters

    Sukhoy is performing ground and fight tests of upgraded Su-33 fighters. Work on the overhaul and upgrade of the airplanes is being performed at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Yu. A. Gagarin Aviation Production Association within the framework of the 2010 state defense order.

    The Su-33 (Su-27K) is a multirole ship-based fighter with horizontal takeoff and landing and folding wings and horizontal empennage for hangar storage. This airplane was created to defend naval ships from an enemy's air attack and is equipped with an in-flight system for refueling a transferring fuel. Two experimental Su-27K were build in 1986 - 1987. Test pilot Viktor Pugachev made first flight on the prototype airplane in August 1987. Landing on the deck of the aircraft carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" was made by him during factory flight development tests for the first time on 1 November 1989. Production of a pre-production batch of Su-27K began from 1989 at the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Yu.A. Gagarin Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO).  A trial flight of the first series-produced airplane took place in February 1990. Su-27K state tests were held in 1991 - 1994.

    In April 1993, the first batch of ship-based fighters was transferred from KnAAPO to Northern Fleet aviation. They joined the 279th ship-based fighter aviation regiment. By August 1994, 24 series-built airplanes already were in its complement. In the period 1993 - 1995, line pilots of the 279th ship-based fighter aviation regiment got to know the airplane, after which the "Admiral Kuznetsov" made the first long-range training cruise in it history into the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea from December 1995 through March 1996.  On 31 August 1998, the Su-27K was adopted into the inventory under the Su-33 designation by decree of the Russian Federation president.

    Source: 05.10.10, Sukhoy Aviation Holding Company

    Syria Ready to But Six Tu-204 in Russia Since Washington Is not Removing Sanctions from Damascus

    ((Title says it all.  Not further translated.))

    Source: 04.10.10, ITAR-TASS

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