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    (Translated by Roy Cochrun)
    (Translating the Russian Aviation News for You since Spring, 2000)

    Highlights for the Week of 30 January 2011

    Date Posted 08 February 2011

    First Flight of MiG-29UPG Fighter Occurs

    The first flight of the MiG-29UPG fighter took place today at the M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute airfield, the RSK MiG press service reports.  The airplane is a highly upgraded MiG-29 developed by the MiG Russian Airplane Building Corporation Joint Stock Company in the interests of the Indian air force.

    The flight lasted nearly 1 hour and was without incident. The chief of the flying service, RSK MiG senior test pilot and Hero of Russia Mikhail Belyaev piloted the airplane.

    ((Note that the suffix UPG is in Latin letters in this article.))

    Source: 04.02.11, Avia.RU 

    Date Posted 31 January 2011

    Superjet Certification Date Named

    The intergovernmental aviation committee has adopted a decision about issuing the certificate of type for the Sukhoy Superjet 100 airplane. MAK has been working on the certification of this airplane almost 7 years, since April 2004. The certificate will be awarded officially on 3 February.

    Source:  28.01.11, Lenta.Ru

    Tender for Delivery to India of 126 Multirole Fighters Will Take Some More Time - the Country's Defense Minister

    ((Russia is offering the MiG-35 with fifth generation elements.  Not further translated.))

    Source:  31.01.11, ARMS-TASS


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