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    Highlights for the Week of 15 August 2010

  • Russia Developing Airborne Laser System

  • Date Posted 20 August 2009

    Military Airborne Laser Being Developed in Russia

    A laser installation, mounted on the base of an Il-76 airplane and intended for counter-acting an enemy's reconnaissance systems in various media is being developed in Russia, Interfax Reports.

    The aviation laser complex is intended for transmitting laser energy at distant objects for the purposes of counteracting in the infrared regions an enemies optical and electronic systems. the laser is able to paralyze the operation of an enemy's reconnaissance assets located in space, in the air and on the ground.

    According to a source in the Russian defense industrial complex, work on the creation of the airborne laser complex based on an upgraded Il-76 (A-60) airplane has been underway for a rather long time. The complex has undergone a series of successful tests.

    Source: 19.08.10, Avia.RU

    India Readies Additional Order for 59 Russian Mi-17 Helicopters

    ((Specifically, the Mi-17V-5, which would supplement 80 ordered in 2008.  Not further translated.))

    Source: 19.08.10, Avia.RU

    Date Posted 19 August 2009

    First Flight of PAK FA Included Among Top Three Key Events in Russian Industry

    The ministry of industry and trade has totaled the results of the voting on its site for "key events in Russian industry and trade in the first half of 2010." Visitors of the Internet resource included the first flight of the future fifth generation aircraft complex (PAK FA), which took place at the end of January at the airfield of Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Yu.A. Gagarin Aviation Production Association, which is included in the Sukhoy Holding Company, among the three most important. One more event connected with the Sukhoy company's activity is at sixth position - certification of the SaM146 engine for Sukhoy Superjet 100 airplanes in accordance with the requirements of the European Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA).

    Among the five key events in Russian industry and trade was included the agreement among Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and the European Union on the creation of a single economic space, the beginning of the realization of a program for the utilization of old automobiles, entry into force of the federal law "On the Foundations of State Control of Trade Activity of the Russian Federation," the signing by the government of the Kaluga Oblast' and OOO Novo Nordisk of an agreement for the building of a high technology plant for producing modern insulin drugs.

    Source: 19.08.10, Sukhoy Aviation Holding Company

    Two Days Next Week Without Russian Aviation News Translations

    The Russian aviation news translations will not be published on Monday, 23 August, or later in the week on Thursday, 26 August.  Anything missed will be caught up the following days, 24 August and 27 August, respectively.

    In addition, there will be no news translations published the following Monday, 30 August, and perhaps for the whole of that week. 

    Date Posted 18 August 2009

    Russia Increases Su-30MKI Price by 2 1/2 Times

    ((High cost of the fighters is making some in India believe India should purchase the American F-35; however, while details of the recently signed contract for the new fleet of 42 Su-30MKI have not been revealed, the high price may include weapons, French radar the Indian intend to install on their present fleet, as well as ground servicing equipment.))

    Source:  17.08.10, Lenta.RU

    Date Posted 17 August 2009

    State Tests of Su-35 to Begin Fall of 2010

    The Russian Sukhoy company intends to conclude preliminary tests of the Su-35S multirole airplane in the fall of 2010 and turn over the airplane for state joint tests,  the chief designer of the Sukhoy OKB, Igor' Demin, announced, Interfax reports. According to him, six fighters will participate in the state tests for combat usage.

    At the present time, two Su-35 are taking part in the flight tests. It is planned to build and left a third airplane into the air in the fourth quarter of this year. It was reported in July 2010 about the rapid conclusion of the airplane's preliminary tests, during which the characteristics of the on-board equipment complex and super maneuverability were confirmed fully.

    It was reported at the end of 2009 that Sukhoy had begun fulfillment of a contract signed in August 2009 for the delivery of the Su-35S to Russia's defense ministry, assembly of which was planned for 2010. Right now the Komsomol'sk-on-Amur Aviation production Association (KnAAPO) is producing components and parts for the future series-built Su-35. Moreover, Sukhoy already has entered into contracts with off-site enterprises for the delivery of assemblies, mechanisms and equipment.

    The long-range Su-35 belongs to the generation 4++ of fighters, though some experts are of the opinion that the airplane may belong to the fifth generation. According to several opinions, the Su-35S satisfies the requirements for fifth generation fighters the same as the American F-22 "Raptor." The Su-35 to develop a speed up to 2,500 kilometers per hour, and its flight range is 3,400 kilometers.

    The fighter is armed with one 30-milimeter cannon and has 12 hard points for carrying weapons, including missiles and bombs. Russia's defense ministry is supposed to receive 48 Su-35S before 2015.

    Source: 16.08.10, Interfax

    Date Posted 16 August 2009

    Aleksandr Zelin: Air Force Successfully Conclude Upgrade of MiG-31 Fighters

    The Russian Federation air force has successfully concluded upgrade of MiG-31 heavy fighter interceptors into the MiG-31BM variant, RIA Novosti reports the forces commander-in-chief, General-Colonel Aleksandr Zelin, announced on Friday at air force headquarters (Zarya village).

    "The air force is right now resolving the important task of deep upgrade of MiG-31 airplanes into the MiG-31BM. This task is being resolved successfully," the CinC said at a ceremony dedicated to Air Force Day.

    He also reported that within the framework of the reforming the Russian military, the air force is receiving new aviation equipment. "The Su-34 are coming into our inventory, the Su-35 is planned, and the Yak-130 and Ka-52 and Mi-28 helicopters are coming," Zelin said.

    He emphasized that at the present time the T-50 fifth generation airplanes are undergoing factor tests.

    Zelin recalled that the air force carried out five tactical exercises in the first half of the year with gunfire, 40 tactical exercises and 120 tactical exercises using ((other)) assets. Moreover, the air force successfully resolved mobility missions during the Vostok-2010 operational and strategic exercises. Two squadrons of Su-24 were redeployed from the west to the east, the flight of which took 6 hours with four in-flight refuelings.

    Source: 13.08.10, Avia.RU

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