A few minutes after this photo was taken, your grandparents were aboard the Carnival Miracle.
cruise040912 131
The first place Grandma and Grandpa headed was to their room to check it out. Although there were elevators, and their cabin was on deck six, Grandma refused to let your chubby, old Grandpa use one. And to his credit, he didn't use an elevator during the whole cruise! (Remember this lady's face. There will be a test later in the tour).
cruise040912 132
So, up they climbed.
cruise040912 146
Along the way they found a picture of Captain Nemo, who led the crew of the famous "sun-powered" submarine, the Nautilus, from the Jules Verne novel 20 Thousand Leagues Beneath the Sea. Have you read that book, yet? If you are lucky, perhaps you have seen the Disney movie. Grandpa's favorite part is when a giant squid attacks the submarine.
cruise040912 111
Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy's room is somewhere along this corridor. Do you see the handrail on the right? In case the boat is rocking, you can hold onto it to keep from falling. It also comes in handy for other reasons, too...
cruise040912 133
They found their room next to Long John Silver, the famou fictional pirate from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island."
cruise040912 135
As on previous cruises, it was a nice cabin. Actually, this photo was taken a couple days into the cruise, but before Grandma and Grandpa began buying things. There isn't a lot of junk around the cabin, yet. Grandpa liked sitting in the red chair in the background and watching the news on television. This cruise was the first of their four to date that Grandpa remembers he could feel the vibration of the ship's engines while his feet were on the floor when he sat down. The bed was very comfortable, although as on earlier cruises, it really wasn't a king sized bed, but two twin beds pushed together. The curtains are pulled back to show the door to their private balcony.
cruise040912 134
Looking from the bed towad the entrance to the cabin. The bathroom is on the left, just before one exits the cabin. On the right is a desk. Every day their room steward suppled a bucket of ice, once in the morning and once in the evening. There also was a mini bar beneath the desk, but Grandma and Grandpa never used anything from it although the prices were reasonable. The room had plenty of storage space: four closets, drawers, cupboards and little cubby holes everywhere, and plenty of room beneath the bed for all their large suitcases. As you can see, there were a lot of mirrors, which make the cabin appear even larger. The lighting in the bathroom was excellent!