The lodge where your grandparents stayed is across the road from the Resurrection River.
Lodge building where your grandparents spent the night just outside Seward, Alaska.
Windsong Lodge restaurant.
100 0259
View along the Resurrection River.
100 0260
Grandpa Roy poses with the Resurrection River behind him.
100 0263
Notice how the vegetation changes as it goes up the mountain until there is no vegetation at all.
100 0264
Along the Resurrection River. Your grandparents did not go because they were running out of time on their walk.
100 0265
The sign says it all.
100 0266
This sign really does say it all!
100 0267
Grandma took yet another photo of Grandpa during their walk.
100 0262
Dandilions, larger than we have in Maryland, because the days are so long in Alaska during cool summers.
More plant life along the Resurrection River.
Yet more interesting vegetation along the Resurrection River.
The walk had beautiful scenery whereever one looked.
Looks like Alaska has the same program that Maryland has.
Sled dogs are just visible through the trees.