Heading for the glaciers.
100 0289
Early view of Aialik glacier, a river of ice.
Two other tourist boats near the glacier provide a better idea of its enormous size.
100 0291
Grandma Bert's photo captures not only the color, but the enormous size of Aialik glacier when compared to the two tourist boats.
100 0292
A kayaker wends her way through the ice after visiting Aialik glacier.
100 0293
A second kayaker returning after a visit to the glacier.
A glacier in the distance.
100 0296
Blue is the only color reflected from the tightly packed ice and snow of the glacier.
A large chunk of ice that has calved from the glacier floats near the tour boat.
Aialik glacier has calved. That splash goes higher than our boat is tall.
More calving of the glacier.
A few seconds after calving, a clap of thunder is heard. It is the sound of the ice and snow breaking away from the glacier.
Grandma and Grandpa with the glacier behind them.
100 0297
A final view of Aialik glacier as the boat races back to Seward.