The helicopter has just taken off for the flight to the glacier.
100 0133
What a view!
100 0143
This view is available only during a flight.
100 0147
Grandma's great view from the front seat of the helicopter.
100 0149
Grandma Bert's great view with the glacier in sight.
100 0151
A river of ice. The snow that falls becomes so thick and heavy that only blue shows in the ice and ponds that might melt during the summer.
Only wild animals can survive here.
Descending to the glacier.
100 0153
Landing on the glacier. Notice the bluish color of the snow.
100 0155
Grandpa Roy's view of the landing on the glacier.
100 0159
The view while standing on the glacier.
100 0160
The pilot takes a walk. Notice how blue the water is.
100 0161
The very unusual blue, the only color in the spectrum that escapes because of the weight of the snow, or so they say.
100 0162
Grandpa and the pilot explore the glacier.
100 0163
Grandpa Roy talked to the pilot about Alaska, the helicopter and the glacier.
100 0164
Grandpa wasn't certain the pilot was old enough to have a driver's license.
100 0169
Dirty blue snow.
Grandma Bert on the glacier.
On the glacier in Denali National Park.
Grandma Bert heeding the warning not to walk on fresh snow. Fresh snow can cover a crevasse and once you fall in, you are there forever.
After leaving the glacier, the pilot took another route back to the base.
Silt can be seen filling this area. It is created by the rubbing of the glacier along the rock and soil and pushing it ahead.
High above Denali, Grandma and the pilot sometimes saw Dall Sheep. Grandpa never saw them.
Grandpa did see the cold, cold water of the river.
One of several helicopters used for flights to the glacier.
Another of the helicopters for flying to the glacier.