PICT0094 2
PICT0089 2
Scoop at the dredge would bring gravel inside for processing.
PICT0090 2
After being processed for gold, the dross was dumped out the other end.
PICT0091 2
Gold Dredge Number 8 from the other side. It was towed to another part of the river after an area was played out.
PICT0092 2
A scoop bucket.
PICT0093 2
The melted, pure gold would be poured into these molds to make bars for shipment.
PICT0095 2
The dredge scoops up gravel with gold dust in it.
The chow hall where Grandma and Grandpa had some delicious beef stew.
PICT0098 2
There still is gold dust in the slag, but it is not cost effective to mine it.
PICT0099 2
Starting with dry material possibly loaded with gold dust.
PICT0100 2
The pan is repeatedly dipped and swirled in different ways.