Dog Sled Camp
Dogs and their houses at the dog sled camp.
100 0324
Our team is harnessed and ready to go!
100 0325
It gets noisy when the other dogs realize some will get to run.
Not all dogs care, however.
100 0328
Snoopy sleeps on his roof, too.
PICT0683 2
Not leaving, yet.
All ready to hit the trail.
100 0331
On the trail. Say, how many legs does that rear dog have, anyhow?
Not a very straight line.
100 0332
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.
Juneau-Dog Sled Camp
Grandma and Grandpa's "sled" from the dogs' eye view.
Juneau-Dog Sled Camp
100 0333
Another team approaches from the opposite direction.
100 0334
The dogs take little notice of each other.
The "sled" was an old cut-away vehicle with seats and tires.
A real dog sled.
Grandma wanted to bring home a pup.
100 0336
The view from the dog sled camp.