PICT0006 2
Riverboat Discovery at the Chena River landing.
PICT0007 2
Home under construction along the Chena River.
PICT0008 2
The Chena River.
PICT0009 2
Many residents along the river own aircraft.
PICT0010 2
Many Alaskans fly aircraft.
PICT0011 2
The narrator was a local Fairbanks' radio personality.
100 0092
Bush pilot prepares to take off from the Chena River.
PICT0014 2
Bush pilot is airborne over the Chena River.
After landing on the Chena River.
100 0093
Large, beautiful home along the Chena.
Another beautiful home along the Chena.
What a view this owner must have
In winter, these float planes are removed from the water.
PICT0028 2
Jack is building a new house.
PICT0072 2
A way to spend time on the river
PICT0073 2
An old paddle wheeler.
PICT0074 2
A stone home along the river. Note the tires on the roof.
PICT0076 2
Another log home along the Chena.
PICT0077 2
An invitation to church.
PICT0079 2
Property of a well-known restaurant along the Chena River.
PICT0080 2
Want to go for a flight?
PICT0081 2
The Pump House restaurant.
PICT0084 2
Another home on the Chena River.
PICT0047 2
Bush pilot prepares to take off again after landing on silt sand bar in Tanana River.
PICT0048 2
View of mountains across silt sand bar in Tanana River from end of the Chena River.
PICT0085 2
Tribute to Susan Butcher at the landing.
PICT0086 2
Susan Butcher's sled.
PICT0087 2
Chena River gift shop/ticket office/snack bar at the landing.