One of the guides to the Chena Indian Village
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An example of a summer camp where fish, in particular salmon, were caught, cleaned and smoked.
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A guide describes preparing the fish for smoking.
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The fish is ready to be smoked for long-term storage and eating during the winter.
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Sled dog camp inside the Indian village.
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Susan Butcher's young daughter already has participated in a dog sled race.
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Different pelts which are used for different articles of clothing.
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Many of the cabins are original, brought in from other areas to this village for tourists along the Chena River.
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A guide explains the use of the animal skins.
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An Athabascan Indian beadword artist decorates a coat.
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Two examples of clothing decorated with Athabascan beadwork.
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This coat was designed and made by famous Athabascan beadwork artist Dixie Alexander, an Athabascan Indian.
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The same coat with the hood up.
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The back of the coat designed by Dixie Alexander. One of her coats is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution Mational Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.
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Trading post. Note grass sod roof.