Along the Road
Sights that don't fit in other park or museum visits.
All of the photos in this "Along the Road" collection were taken by Grandma Bert.
Grandpa drove the whole 8,148 miles.
Trip 6629
Approaching the Allegheny Tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike first day of the trip.
Trip 6632
The tunnel has a curve in it.
Trip 6635
Trip 6640
Trip 6725
The Ford R&E facility is located across the road from The Henry Ford in Michigan.
Trip 6910
At least no one was shot at.
Trip 6912
Trip 6923
The Skyway is absolutely horrible in the rain.
Trip 6786
No more toll roads after Illinois.
Trip 6867
Trip 6938
Trip 7002
Oshkosh, b'gosh.
Trip 7009
Noah's oldest brother is named Owen.
Trip 7018
Trip 7095
Trip 7092
Heading for the Fargo aviation museum.
Trip 7118
North Dakota farm field. Crops have begun to sprout, 16 June 2019.
Trip 7124
Trip 7132
There are grain elevators and then there are GRAIN ELEVATORS! (Approaching Chase Lake National WIldlife Refuge).
Trip 7151
The World’s largest Sandhill Crane is near Steele, ND, along I-94.
Trip 7155
The wide Missouri...
Trip 7214
Steel sculpture "Geese in Flight" along the Enchanted Highway, a 32-mile statuary road to Regent in southwestern North Dakota.
Trip 7215
Close-up of the sculpture. In 2018, a lease dispute closed access to this sculpture.
Trip 7224
Trip 7226
Trip 7228
Trip 7280
Trip 7285
Trip 7287
Speed limit in Montana.
Trip 7405
Trip 7305
Preparing for a trip. The horses on the right are packed with supplies.
Trip 7425
Spotted in Montana.
Spotted in Dillon, Montana.
Montana sheep ranch.
Trip 7578
Somewhere in Montana after visiting the Bannack State Park ghost town.
Trip 7581
Nearing Idaho, but still in Montana.
Trip 7588
Trip 7589
The Idaho speed limit on the Interstate.
Trip 7592
The cabin was just north of Driggs, Idaho.
Trip 7609
The trio drove through part of the Targhee National Forest on their way to the west entrance of Yellowstone.
Trip 7616
Back into Montana to reach Yellowstone.
Trip 7618
West Yellowstone.
Trip 7619
West Yellowstone, Montana, is basically a tourist town with few businesses other than hotels, motels, campgrounds, restaurants and souvenier stores. Oh, and expensive gas stations. Can't forget about the gasoline.
Trip 7767
Returning to Idaho after a day at Yellowstone there was this sign.
The three passed through Idaho Falls on their way to and from Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.
Trip 7776
On the road to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.
Trip 7798
Crop dusting near Craters of the Moon in Idaho.
Trip 7990
Spotted after leaving Grand Teton National Park.
Trip 8172
The world's largest elkhorn arch is here, in Afton, Wyoming.
Trip 8181
Trip 8190
On the way to Fossil Butte, Wyoming.
Trip 8240
But where is "here"?
Trip 8246
A couple miles from the exit to Green River, Wyoming.
Trip 8248
A tunnel through a mesa near Green River.
Trip 8250
Beautiful scenery in the vicinity of Green River.
Trip 8335
Trip 8411
Lake Estes and vicinity a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park.
Trip 8412
Trip 8413
Lyon, Colorado.
Trip 8415
Lyon's Quilting quilt shop in Lyon, Colorado.
Trip 8620
On the drive eastward out of Colorado to Kansas, the car approaching in this photo was the ONLY one encountered for over 50 miles.
Trip 8624
Every now and then, one of these things is encountered on the highway out west.
Trip 8625
Trip 8638
Trip 8642
Have to keep all those cows fed.
Trip 8648
Trip 8855
Kansas City, Missouri, skyline.
Trip 8887
Grand Boulevard of the Americas, Kansas City, Missouri.
St. Louis
The trip skirted St. Louis, where the trio had toured in 2017. This photo illustrates two of the city's important features, the Arch and the Cardinals' stadium.
St. Louis
Trip 8936
The next goal along the highway was Paducah, Kentucky, for an overnight stay. Paducah turned out to be another pleasant, unexpected place to visit.
Trip 8938
Trip 9050
Spotted on the highway while still in Tennessee.
Trip 9057
Trip 9061
Approaching a tunnel in Appalachian Mountains on the Interstate. The road wound and twisted and speed frequently was not very high because of it. Note there is a curve inside the tunnel!