Along the Highway
Sites we saw along the highways but at which we did not stop to explore.
IMG 9140
Amazon Prime, on the highway to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
IMG 9145
IMG 9181
IMG 9307
IMG 9313
Home of the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, Grandson Noah's favorite site of the whole trip.
IMG 9404
Waterloo, Iowa, is the home of the Fighting Sullivan's museum, the five brothers who died together during World War II.
IMG 9482-01
IMG 9484-01
IMG 9609
Typical speeds in South Dakota on the Interstate highways.
IMG 9617
Grandma Bert was fascinated by the large fields with rolled hay bundles.
IMG 9619
Firehouse had a number of old fire trucks along the Interstate advertising its presence.
IMG 9631
IMG 9635
IMG 0677
The midwest's largest bicycle sculpture, along the Mickelson Trail at Pringle, South Dakota. There was a sign, but it has been blown over.
IMG 0688
IMG 0806
Wyoming hills photographed by Grandma Bert as we headed toward Laramie Wyoming, which is a couple hours drive from Fort Laramie.
IMG 0698
Wyoming snow fence. Winters are rough here along the highway. There were frequent road signs stating to exit the Interstate because the road ahead was closed (in winter because of snow).
IMG 0834-01
Virgin Mary statue along Interstate 80 just before entering Nebraska in Pine Bluff, Wyoming. It is 30 feet tall.
IMG 0839
Another interesting sight along I-80. The "Howling Coyote" at Potter, Nebraska.
IMG 0852
Sidney, Nebraska, headquarters for Cabela's.
IMG 0917
Spanning 310 feet over Interstate 80 near Kearney, Nebraska, The Archway presents 170 years of America’s westward movement through detailed displays and harrowing stories.
IMG 0860
Grain storage in Nebraska.
IMG 0932
Lincoln, Nebraska. The Pinnacle Bank Arena is on the left and the Nebraska State Capitol building is on the right.
IMG 1258
About to cross the Missouri River, 06 July 2017.
IMG 1330
IMG 1339
IMG 1340
IMG 1343
They really loved that horse, Man O' War.
IMG 1557
Parts of Interstates 64 and 77 wind through the beautiful Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia.